Mechanisms to enhance resilience in the power system - review of the South Australian black system event: final report

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The South Australian black system event of 28 September 2016 highlighted the fact that the NEM power system faces a new and pressing set of system security challenges. Addressing these challenges is critical to making sure that the NEM continues to deliver a secure and reliable supply of energy for customers.

This report presents recommendations from the Australian Energy Market Commission's South Australian black system event review (BSE review). This review was commissioned by the COAG Energy Council, which required the Commission to identify and report on any systemic issues that contributed to the black system event in South Australia, or affected the response.

The South Australian black system event illustrates how the risk and resilience profile of the power system is changing. The event demonstrates the need to evolve existing power system security and resilience frameworks, to better reflect the full range of emerging risks present as the power system changes.

Since the South Australian black system event in September 2016, there have been a number of reforms made to enhance the resilience of the power system, and reduce the risk of another black system event. The AEMC has made a number of rules to deliver improved system strength, inertia and emergency frequency control; and AEMO has updated and revised operational actions. Together with the Energy Security Board (ESB) and other market bodies, we will continue to progress work assessing the delivery of critical system services.

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