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AEMO operates the power system for the National Electricity Market (NEM) that serves the eastern and south-eastern regions of Australia, and the Western Australian South West Integrated System (SWIS). AEMO’s key responsibility is to oversee the operation of the power system to ensure electricity is supplied safely, securely, and reliably to Australian homes and businesses, and that the power system operates in the long-term interests of consumers.

In summer, the power system must manage additional risk as it responds to high consumer energy demand, increasing periods of high temperatures, and climatic events including bushfires and storms.

AEMO anually prepares a summer readiness plan, collaborating with generation and transmission network providers, federal and state governments, and key agencies to actively manage the heightened risks to power system operations.

AEMO’s plan to address risks and deliver reliable and secure power to consumers throughout summer 2019-20 builds on the strategies and actions which helped deliver reliable, secure supply during summer 2018-19, and is structured around four pillars:

  • Sufficient available resources.
  • Continuing operational improvement.
  • Contingency planning.
  • Collaboration and communication

The key focus areas of risk for summer 2019-20 are:

  • Climatic conditions
  • Peak electricity demand management
  • Resource availability
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