Road to zero: New Zealand’s road safety strategy 2020-2030

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New Zealanders and visitors travel on our roads every day for work and leisure. The road system, including our streets, footpaths, cycleways, bus lanes and state highways, shapes how we get around, and how we use and interact around public spaces.

In 2018, 377 people were killed on our roads, and thousands more seriously injured.

Deaths or serious injuries should not be an inevitable cost of travelling around. We can and should do better. We need to commit to taking sustained action to create a transport system where human life is protected and no one is killed or seriously injured in road crashes.

By placing safety at the foundation of our transport decisions, we open up opportunities to New Zealanders and our visitors to choose different modes of travel, to think carefully about how we want to shape our towns and cities, and how we want to connect to each other.

This road safety strategy charts a bold course for the next decade, outlining a plan to build the safest road system we can, and work towards zero deaths and serious injuries on New Zealand roads. It sets out priority focus areas to drive national road safety performance to the end of 2030, lays the groundwork for longer-term goals and aspirations, and will hold us accountable through clear and measurable outcomes.

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