Aboriginal cultural engagement self-assessment tool

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The NSW Health Services Aboriginal Cultural Engagement Self-Assessment Tool (the engagement tool) aims to identify ways of strengthening cultural engagement between NSW Health organisation staff and their Aboriginal stakeholders by bringing a continuous quality improvement cycle to cultural engagement. The engagement tool has been designed to assist NSW Health organisations in moving towards a health system where cultural differences and strengths are recognised and responded to in the governance, management and delivery of health services. It will support health services to assess whether there has been a measured approach towards the delivery of culturally safe and accessible health services for Aboriginal patients and clients.

Key Recommendations:

  • Ensure all Aboriginal patients and clients have access to formal and culturally appropriate feedback and complaints processes. This may include developing a communication strategy to raise awareness about how to provide feedback or make a complaint within your service and develop resources for Aboriginal patients to provide feedback.
  • Review health service performance indicators in partnership with Aboriginal stakeholders. These include Emergency Department (ED) waiting times, incomplete ED attendances, discharge against medical advice, unplanned re-admissions, mental health readmissions, mental health follow-up, in-hospital mortality rates.
  • Develop and maintain mechanisms to partner with Aboriginal communities to gain feedback on, and improve, workforce’s cultural competency.
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