Options for a local government framework for measuring liveability

Public health Australia New South Wales

This report maps current research and thinking on the state of community liveability indicator development in Australia.

The report facilitates further thinking and research in this area by:

a)    Increasing the amount of information in the public domain on community indicators.

b)    Providing a starting point for local councils seeking to develop their own community indicators.

c)    Stimulating discussion on the options for local government in developing an indicator framework that comprehensively covers the scope of their activities.

d)    Breaking down barriers with reporting on community indicators, including concerns about reporting on issues that councils do not control , and the importance of establishing an appropriate context if different local government areas are being compared.

e)    Critically examining the advantages, challenges and limitations of community indicators.

The measurement of community wellbeing is a dynamic and continually evolving area. This report endeavours to provide a comprehensive ‘snapshot’ of publicly available information as at October 2011, and aims to build on existing research pieces and initiatives, rather than replicate previous work. During the course of our research, we were made aware of a number of relevant initiatives underway which were not accessible for inclusion within this report, as they were pending completion, or not publicly available.

Prepared for Penrith City Council and the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government, by by Net Balance: Erica Olesson (Associate) Emily Albert (Senior Associate) Ro Coroneos (Director) Robyn Leeson (Director) and Ross Wyatt (Associate Director).

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