Five-year spectrum outlook 2012–2016

Information technology Telecommunications Australia

This report provides an overview of spectrum demand drivers, the Australian Communications and Media Authority's top spectrum projects over the five-year period and specific work plan priorities for 2012–2013.

The Five-year spectrum outlook 2012–2016 (the Outlook) is an integral business and planning tool that assists the ACMA to improve its spectrum management functions by:

  • providing greater insight and transparency for spectrum users about the demand for spectrum
  • setting out the ACMA’s strategic direction and priorities for the next five years.

The Outlook is a vital component in the ACMA’s consultation and planning framework for spectrum management. It provides information on demand pressures for spectrum which in turn supports consultation on specific spectrum issues, discussion papers and feedback through the ACMA’s annual RadComms conference and spectrum tune-ups.

Through these targeted mechanisms, the ACMA is working to actively engage all stakeholders in a public discussion on the demands on spectrum, prioritising spectrum projects and possible changes to spectrum access arrangements. This partnership approach is critical in managing the scarce natural resource that is the key communications enabler in modern society.

This edition of the Outlook builds upon the previous four editions by:

  • summarising the ACMA’s spectrum demand analysis across a range of frequency bands and radiocommunications services
  • providing the ACMA’s work plan for key spectrum management projects as well as a band-by-band work plan analysis
  • supporting the ACMA’s goal of efficiency, effectiveness and transparency in regards to all matters pertaining to spectrum management.
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