Working paper

Safe schools are effective schools: a resource for developing safe and supportive school environments

Schools Australia Victoria

The Department of Education and Training is committed to providing safe, secure and stimulating environments for all students, and provides a range of anti-bullying policies and strategies for schools to deliver on this commitment.
A review of the anti-bullying policies and practices in Victorian government schools carried out by Deakin University and the Alannah and Madeline Foundation in 2005 identified:
the need to enhance school community awareness and understanding of bullying
primary students as being more confident in their teacher’s ability to successfully intervene in bullying incidents
students enrolled in schools recognised for their successful prevention and management of bullying incidents felt safer, observed less bullying at their school and had more caring and positive attitudes towards victimised students.
This Safe Schools are Effective Schools resource includes:
a definition of bullying
an anti-bullying policy
the key characteristics of safe and effective schools
strategies for schools for the prevention, intervention and management of bullying incidents
strategies for parents for when their child is being bullied, is bullying others, or when they observe bullying behaviour.

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