Student welfare, good discipline and effective learning

Schools Australia New South Wales

Student welfare is enhanced when all members of the school community participate in the learning programs and life of the school. This student welfare policy is revised from the 1986 Student Welfare Policy.

Student welfare in government schools is contextualised as:
encompassing everything the school community does to meet the personal, social and learning needs of students
creating a safe, caring school environment in which students are nurtured as they learn
being achieved through the total school curriculum and the way it is delivered
incorporating effective discipline
incorporating preventive health and social skills programs
stressing the value of collaborative early intervention when problems are identified
providing ongoing educational services to support students
recognising the diversity within the school community and providing programs and support which acknowledge difference and promote harmony
recognising the role that the school plays as a resource to link families with communitysupport services
providing opportunities for students to enjoy success and recognition, make a useful contribution to the life of the schoo and derive enjoyment from their learning.
Ojectives and outcomes are provided under the headings:
Effective learning and teaching
Positive climate and good discipline
Community participation.

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