Every student, every school

Schools Australia New South Wales

This document sets out the challenges in New South Wales public schools and what will be done to meet those challenges through the National Partnership Agreement in 2012 and 2013.
Some students need additional support to access the full range of education opportunities and to achieve success. Over the next two years, additional resources will be provided through the Australian Government’s National Partnership initiative, More Support for Students with Disabilities. 
Concentrating efforts in highly specialised approaches for certain students, or for certain aspects of their learning and support in isolation, is no longer adequate. Children and young people with additional learning and support needs are being taught in classrooms in every New South Wales public school and parents want high quality educational services for their children. The document outlines a framework  for learning and support  in every school and provides in detail its focus on five areas of activity that will enable the establishment of strong and robust learning and support in all NSW public schools:
Professional learning for skilled and knowledgeable teachers
Support for students with disability  in regular classrooms
Special schools as centres of expertise
Instruments and materials to better understand and meet additional learning and support needs
Information to support teaching  and learning and expert support

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