Working paper

Connecting agencies: meeting priorities together

Schools Australia New South Wales

The strengthening of home, school and community partnerships and building of community capacity in low socio-economic status (SES) communities has long been acknowledged as critical elements in supporting improved student learning outcomes and satisfaction in schooling.
Connecting agencies: meeting priorities together looks at new ways to generate community connections to support students’ learning. It looks for new ways to nurture the role of local champions and advocates in building commitment to improvement and community.
Definitions of two groups of agencies or organisations with which schools will interact:
Government human service providers like welfare, health, housing, community safety that offer a range of services.
Voluntary sector and local government agencies and whole of government initiatives nd alliances that are home grown, more locally controlled and are concerned with development.
The five steps for collaboration between schools, community members and agencies:
Getting to know other community agencies
Using other community agencies
Developing a joint activity with other agencies
Developing community capacity and governance
Improving school culture

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