This report summarises insights from research undertaken to understand how to improve help for rural Australians, in addressing their mental health and wellbeing needs.

Research insights were garnered from analysing existing data, published research findings and policy-related documents, as well as from interviews with nine expert stakeholders.

The review was funded by a philanthropic organisation that wishes to remain anonymous under the conditions of funding.

Based on analysis, the report summarises ‘the problem’ with rural mental health and explore potential causes of the problem. It concludes by suggesting options for investment to address the problem that could be stimulated by philanthropy in partnership with communities, based on the evidence at hand. The report does not tackle changes that could be made by other stakeholders - such as government. Several other documents deal with this - including the 2018 Senate Inquiry into accessibility and quality of mental health services in rural and remote Australia.

Suggestions for investment are guided by philanthropic investment filters as ways to proceed that will: make significant impact; ensure a distinctive role for philanthropy with measurable outcomes; and that have collaboration potential.

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