Literacy and learning advocacy report

30 Jul 2012

The reach of literacy projects which have attracted partnership opportunities ranges from quite generic (large possible audience), to a more targeted approach to reach those most in need of improved literacy skills, or a combination of the two.
The ability to deliver on more than one agenda, to present the project or initiative as one which doesn’t just increase literacy levels, but has benefits for health, has a clear link to an education curriculum outcome, or up-skills the current and/or future workforce (as examples), is of importance as it broadens the scope of projects and provides multiple outcomes.
This ability to be able to deliver on more than one agenda through linking strategies can be seen in the variety of partner organisations which literacy initiatives attract. The types of organisations which contribute financially or through inkind support to literacy initiatives in library settings or run by libraries ranges from major corporate partners, to other government departments such as education and sport, to philanthropic and charitable foundations.
Image: Thomas Hawk / flickr

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