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Legal recognition of sex and gender: final report

Law LGBTIQ+ Tasmania

In this report, the Tasmania Law Reform Institute (TLRI) concludes that the reform laws do not create any significant unintended consequences for the state’s law and justice system.

The conclusions outlined in the TLRI’s latest report follow wide-ranging research, including public and stakeholder consultation on how the Marriage and Gender Amendments Act has operated since it was enacted in September 2019.

The first of its kind in Australia, the Marriage and Gender Amendments Act, among other functions, serves to:

  • remove the obligation for parents to record the gender of their child on birth certificates (it is still recorded on a separate public register);
  • allow Tasmanians to change their gender without the need for sex reassignment surgery; and
  • provide diverse options for gender descriptors in registration documents.
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TLRI Final Report No. 31