Digital energy futures: review of industry trends, visions and scenarios for the home

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This report presents the first stage of the research: a desk-based review of 64 digital technology and energy industry reports speculating on the near (2025-30) and medium-far (2030-50) futures.

The report is international in scope but focused on futures likely to affect Australian households’ electricity demand. The review investigated how digital technology futures and energy futures are currently envisioned across industry and policy reports and examined the relationship between these different future trends and predictions. This report summarises these findings and presents new knowledge and critical insights on the limitations of these future visions.

The findings of the review were synthesised into six speculative future scenarios that placed dominant industry visions into the home in an accessible comic strip form. Through representing the dominant industry visions within the context of household life, these aggregated industry scenarios are designed to raise new questions relating to how future household everyday practices will intersect with digital and energy futures. The scenarios also serve as translation materials which will be used in ethnographic research with 72 participating households for the next stage of the project.

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