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An effective and sustainable social sector is central to improving wellbeing across New Zealand communities. Government agencies, Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), philanthropic funders and communities all share the common goal of improving wellbeing and equity of outcomes for individuals, families, whānau and communities. This document outlines the response to conversations the Government held with the social sector so far and the next steps that will be taken towards a better system that supports better outcomes.

10 key actions that will be progressed in the short term

  1. Develop a coherent government and other funders response to social sector organisations facing financial difficulties (e.g. lost income) as a result of COVID-19
  2. Begin work with the sector to develop a joint understanding of current and future demand for social services
  3. Develop and publish joint funding principles and consistent methodologies for costing services across agencies, and consistent criteria for cost sharing between government and other funders
  4. Review pricing for services where funding or quality gaps may continue to exist and seek additional or reprioritised investment to address these
  5. Increase transparency on contracted funding and how funding decisions are made
  6. Strengthen local, regional and Māori-Crown partnerships to ensure social services are better joined up and responsive to community priorities
  7. Ensuring the service design for the implementation of Budget 2020 and COVID-19 Response and Recovery investments provides clients and communities with a voice in the design, planning and delivery of services. Learning from and potentially extending existing approaches, for example the holistic whānau-led support of Whānau Ora
  8. Begin work to maximise contractual flexibility for partners to meet local needs where this is appropriate and to develop the right level of continuous learning, communities of learning, two-way data sharing and quality assurance needed to support this
  9. Identify opportunities to join up and rationalise monitoring, assurance, evaluation and data collection efforts across the Ministries of Social Development and Justice, Oranga Tamariki and the Department of Corrections Corrections contracts
  10. Enhance Social Service Accreditation operating model to support capability building in the sector, especially to increase the number of Māori organisations, Pacific and other community-specific providers.




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