The Australian Government Crisis Management Framework (the Crisis Framework) outlines the arrangements enabling the Australian Government’s ‘all hazards’ crisis management approach. This approach is a continuum of: prevention; preparedness; response; and recovery. However, the main focus of the Crisis Framework is near term crisis preparedness, immediate crisis response and early crisis recovery arrangements. Long-term disaster risk reduction and resilience building activities are not covered in detail in this Crisis Framework.

Crises may include (but are not limited to) terrorist incidents, cyber incidents, health pandemics, animal diseases, natural disasters and incidents affecting Australians and/or Australian interests overseas.

Crisis management is a complex and challenging area. Crises are inherently difficult to predict and are typically associated with high levels of uncertainty about either their cause or the scope and severity of their impacts – as such there is no standard response.

The Crisis Framework provides ministers and senior officials with guidance on their respective roles and responsibilities. It also sets out the arrangements that link ministers and the work of key officials, committees and facilities.

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