Using policy to promote mental health and wellbeing: a guide for policy makers

Mental health Policy Social issues Victoria

This guide is intended to encourage and enable policy makers in Victoria to systematically consider the social and environmental determinants of mental health when developing or reviewing policy. The guide introduces concepts in mental health promotion and key considerations for policy and program development. It includes:

  • What supports good mental health?
  • What is mental health promotion and how does it relate to policies?
  • Assessing the mental health promoting impact of your policy

The guide for policy makers provides an overview of how the risk and protective factors for mental health can be influenced.

This guide has been revised from the previous edition (2010) to include updated data and reflect the priorities of the current government. Targeted efforts to promote positive mental health through healthy public policy continue to be an important feature in the government's mental health reform agenda.

The guide has been updated and reissued to reflect the latest data and reiterate the importance of broad cross-sectoral involvement in promoting all aspects of health.


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