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Cybersecurity is one of the most systemically important issues facing the world today. In little over a decade, cybersecurity has been transformed from a primarily technical domain centred on securing networks and technology to a major strategic topic of global importance. Cybersecurity is a pillar of a digitally resilient society. It is essential for assuring the integrity of the interconnected business and social processes that sit on top of modern societies’ complex digital ecosystems.

Since its relatively recent emergence the cybersecurity ecosystem has faced several challenges as it has worked to mature the isolated cybersecurity activities of actors throughout society into a cohesive ecosystem, which allows itself to be accountable to all parts of society. It has had to overcome these shared challenges in a fluid environment. The COVID‑19 pandemic has led to rapid digital transformation in many workforces and sectors, further increasing the dependency of our global economy on digital infrastructure. This has exacerbated cybersecurity challenges that existed before, but also demonstrated to all stakeholders the need and incentive to address some of our most important shared challenges.

The World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on the Future of Cybersecurity, during its 2019‑2020 term, focused on the nature of these barriers and challenges in the security community as well as possible new solutions. This document reflects the insights generated by this group.


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