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In a ‘knowledge’ economy’, knowledge infrastructure, both public and private, is a critical asset but one which is seldom considered as a whole in any State, let alone city, in Australia. In order to devise effective policies for economic growth and employment development within their jurisdictions, urban authorities need to understand and take account of the knowledge infrastructure available.

The paper presents the results of the first stage of an ‘audit’ of some of the major knowledge assets located within Sydney itself and within the Sydney ‘knowledge region’, assets which could be the basis of a Sydney-focused ‘knowledge hub’. While a functioning knowledge hub would include organizations working in both public and private sectors, the preliminary study reported on here focuses on public sector institutions and indicates the potential for private sector involvement in knowledge generation and transfer or use. The data indicate the concentration of knowledge organizations within the Sydney ‘knowledge region’ and cover the main activities of the city’s universities and indicate the strengths (and some of the weaknesses) that could be the basis for future development in the city economy.

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