Cybercrime impacts everyone, from individuals to global corporations and critical infrastructures or governments. It causes immense, though not always visible, damage to economies and societies. It drastically undermines the benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, increases inequality and hinders international cyber stability efforts.

As in the case of any other crime, systematic containment efforts against cybercrime must also include actions against the sources of the threat. This can only be achieved through stronger operational collaboration between the private and public sectors, leveraging private companies’ unique position and capabilities in this field. While various significant collaborative initiatives exist, they remain fragmented and insufficient for current needs and an ever-evolving cybercrime threat landscape.

This report presents the recommendations of the Partnership against Cybercrime Working Group in three areas:

  1. Promoting principles for public-private cooperation to combat cybercrime
  2. Taking collaborative action to disrupt cybercrime ecosystems
  3. Partnering to combat global cybercrime
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