Discussion paper

Regenerative, distributive, resilient Aotearoa

Encouraging a wider economic narrative – a discussion document
Climate change Emissions reduction Economic equality Conservation Income distribution New Zealand

This document lays out BERL’s perspective of the economy and its role in achieving a low-emission, regenerative, distributive and resilient Aotearoa New Zealand. The key premise of this article is that a wider economic model that values people and our planet is valid and necessary. Not only is it valid and necessary, but it is also fundamental if Aotearoa New Zealand is to overcome our twenty-first-century challenges.

Questions raised from this report:

  • Does the low-emission lifestyle involve regenerative and distributed agriculture, renewable and decentralised energy, and the circular economy?
  • What are the challenges to implementing these within communities?
  • How can these barriers be overcome/what are the potential solutions?
  • Who should be involved in overcoming the barriers/who are the enablers?
  • What are other community solutions?
  • How can we support community climate action?
  • What are the challenges to community climate action?
  • How can these challenges be overcome?
  • Who should be involved in overcoming these challenges?
  • Do you agree that a wider economic model is required?
  • What other changes to the systems that govern our lives are required to support communities?
  • How can we incentivise climate action?
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