Like ‘regulatory stewardship’, ‘regulatory capability’ is a phrase increasingly heard from governments across Australia and Aotearoa-New Zealand. Both the regulatory imperatives brought into sharp focus by the last twelve months, and a succession of high-profile regulatory failures, have focused attention on the agility, knowledge and capability of the regulatory workforce. 

In a field which has traditionally relied heavily on ‘on the job’ training and deep domain knowledge, what would a system-wide regulatory capability approach look like? How can we best equip regulators to operate effectively in the new normal and to see themselves as part of a mobile, skilled and professional workforce?

This webinar features:

  • Victoria Thomson, Deputy Director-General, Liquor, Gaming and Fair Trading, Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney-General. As Deputy Director-General of Liquor, Gaming and Fair Trading, Victoria is responsible for the regulatory policy and strategic direction of product safety, licensing, compliance and enforcement activities to protect market integrity and keep Queenslanders safe. Joining the Queensland Government in 1998 as part of a graduate program, Victoria started out in the field as a workplace health and safety inspector. Over the next 15 years she moved across a range of management positions in high-risk industries such as construction, electrical, transport and agriculture. Victoria is a member of the Queensland chapter of the NRCoP.
  • Dr Grant Pink, Managing Director, RECAP Consultants Pty Ltd and Adjunct Professor, University of Tasmania. The pracademic advisor to the NRCoP, Grant has more than 25 years regulatory and enforcement experience spanning practitioner, management, executive, academic, and consultancy roles, operating at local, state, national and international levels. As a federal public servant, Grant was seconded to the Centre for Leadership and Learning at the APSC to design, develop, and pilot the Regulatory Practitioners and Managers program. His PhD considered how regulators build, maintain and sustain regulatory capability and capacity. In 2016 Grant founded RECAP Consultants, a specialist regulatory consultancy providing services domestically and internationally.

And is facilitated by:

  • Dr Lorraine Cherney, Manager, ANZSOG/National Regulators Community of Practice and Honorary Research Fellow, the University of Queensland. Dr Lorraine Cherney is the Manager of the NRCoP where she provides support for the operation of the Community of Practice, assists with developing an ambitious and stimulating program of learning opportunities, and is developing and consulting on ANZSOG’s potential professional development activities for regulators. Lorraine has worked in the field of gambling regulation, policy and research since 2004. Drawing on this experience, her PhD explored gambling regulatory policy in Queensland. Lorraine is also an Honorary Research Fellow at the School of Political Science and International Studies, the University of Queensland.
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