Getting the point: review of continuing professional development for Victorian lawyers

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The Victorian Legal Services Board + Commissioner (VLSB+C) has released the findings of an independent review into Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in Victoria. The review heard from over 170 organisations and individuals about how the system in Victoria could be improved to enable the legal profession to have meaningful, relevant and accessible learning opportunities that enrich the quality of legal services provided to the Victorian community. The review, conducted by independent consultant Chris Humphreys, found that while the CPD system is not broken, it needs improvement to reflect more contemporary approaches to adult learning and professional development.


The VLSB+C has engaged the consultant to investigate and report on:

1. The effectiveness of the current CPD scheme as a learning and development tool, and the extent to which the scheme benefits Victorian lawyers and consumers of legal services. This should include:

  • consideration of the quality, accessibility, relevance, and cost of CPD;
  • lawyers’ and other stakeholders’ views on the current state of CPD, including the auditing function as well as whether the scheme is meeting their needs; and
  • the suitability of the current scheme for assisting lawyers in the evolving legal services market.

2. The effectiveness of the VLSB+C’s policy on CPD and auditing function, and whether these are aligned with our current strategy.

3. Potential opportunities where the VLSB+C can achieve greater efficiency and improve outcomes, and the potential risks and challenges of these opportunities, including looking at other jurisdictions.

4. Any other matters necessary to satisfactorily resolve the matters set out in paragraphs 1-3, including any refinements or improvements to the Uniform law scheme.

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