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This inquiry was established to investigate two interconnected issues:

  • the events relating to the standing aside and resignation of former Australia Post Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director (CEO), Ms Christine Holgate, and whether the Board of Australia Post exercised its role with appropriate care and due diligence; and
  • issues related to the secret Boston Consulting Group review and the future of Australia Post's service delivery obligations.

More broadly, the inquiry explored fundamental questions regarding the financial viability of Australia Post and potential changes to the service model to improve sustainability and access, including in rural and regional Australia.

This report has three parts:

  • Part I provides the background to the inquiry and an examination of Australia Post's engagement with it. It also sets out some relevant information on Australia Post, including its legislated community service obligations, recent changes its regulatory environment, and previous reviews undertaken into its operations.
  • Part II considers in detail the standing down and resignation of Ms Holgate, plus consideration of the adequacy of the Board's oversight of Australia Post; and
  • Part III looks to the future challenges and opportunities for Australia Post, as well as its service of provisions to regional and rural Australians.


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