One of the ACNC's objects is to 'promote the reduction of unnecessary regulatory obligations on the Australian not-for-profit sector'.

The ACNC works within the Commonwealth Government’s Regulator Performance Framework to reduce the cost of unnecessary or inefficient regulation – ‘red tape’.

The ACNC’s work on reducing red tape includes:

  • sharing charity information with other government agencies to build a ‘report once, use often’ framework for charities using the ACNC 'Charity Passport'
  • streamlining reporting for charities regulated by other Commonwealth bodies
  • harmonising ACNC regulatory requirements with the numerous state and territory laws that cover charities
  • commissioning research on red tape reduction in the not-for-profit sector to inform our work, and
  • providing guidance and advice to charities to help them meet their regulatory obligations.

This website outlines the progress the ACNC has made in reducing red tape for charities based on a charity's structure and provides additional resources for charities and regulators of charities.

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