The reforms in this document are designed to improve the operation of the health system for patient and practitioner alike.

They respond to the experiences of AMA members, the insights offered by patients, and the lessons learned from the rapid reform when responding to COVID-19. They embody the principles of building a sustainable, inter-connected, high-quality health system that provides access for all, with leadership and independence of the medical profession, while empowering patients. It is not only possible, but absolutely necessary, to ensure that any reforms to the health system support our doctors – for otherwise we will fail to improve the health of Australia’s patients.

The AMA’s Vision for Australia’s Health represents a clear blueprint for all governments, and players in the system, built around five pillars of detailed policy reform.

  • Pillar 1: General Practice
  • Pillar 2: Public hospitals
  • Pillar 3: Private health
  • Pillar 4: A health system for all
  • Pillar 5: A health system for the future


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