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This inquiry was initiated to evaluate the impact of seismic testing on fisheries and the marine environment in Australia, with particular reference to:

  • the body of science and research into the use of seismic testing;
  • the regulation of seismic testing in both Commonwealth and state waters;
  • the approach taken to seismic testing internationally; and
  • any other related matters.

This report comprises six chapters, as follows:

  • Chapter 1 provides an introduction and context to the inquiry;
  • Chapter 2 discusses the existing body of science and research;
  • Chapter 3 outlines challenges and options for future research;
  • Chapter 4 sets out the regulatory framework for offshore seismic surveying;
  • Chapter 5 discusses the regulator's assessment and approval processes; and
  • Chapter 6 focuses on international approaches to seismic surveying.
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