Peers not partners? Towards a deeper Australia-Korea partnership

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Australia and Korea enjoy positive and constructive relations across diplomatic, economic, and security domains. The foundation of their bilateral relations begins with Australia’s role in the Korean War as the second country after the United States to respond to the United Nations’ mandate to stop North Korea’s invasion in 1950.

Australia-Korea relations are not solely bilateral, but are nested within a set of broader regional and global architectures through which the two countries can interact and collaborate.

Australia and Korea have a distinctive set of shared interests which justifies the pursuit of the partnership model of bilateral engagement. This includes the regional rules-based economic architecture, greater economic connectivity and infrastructure development, and strengthening security in the broader Indo-Pacific region. They also have capacity to influence these domains, especially when working in partnership. It is time to activate greater cooperation in these domains of shared interest, this is what will drive their relations towards genuine partnership.

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