This pilot project aimed to learn more about the culture of services for people with disability and identify some practical approaches that might be both useful now and relevant for future development.

This was a co-produced research project, completed by a team of academic researchers, staff from the Disability Services Commissioner (DSC) and community researchers, people with lived experience of disability. The project ran between June 2018 and April 2019.

Why did we choose to do this project?

Learning from complaints, findings from the 2016 Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Abuse in Disability Services, and feedback from the Abuse Prevention and Response Forum in September 2017 highlighted the need for research into mechanisms for preventing abuse and neglect in disability services.

In doing an environmental scan of what projects were already underway that look at prevention and reporting of violence, abuse and neglect, it was clear that while there are many initiatives addressing secondary and tertiary prevention of abuse, primary prevention was an area that still required further work.  This research has focused on early indicators of concern as the framework for our project.

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