The Australian Digital Inclusion Index uses survey data to measure digital inclusion across three dimensions of access, affordability and digital ability. The research explores how these dimensions vary across the country and across different social groups.

The 2021 Australian Digital Inclusion Index marks the first year of reporting using Australian Internet Usage Survey data.

As online access becomes more widespread, access is increasingly shaped by the degree and intensity of people’s connectivity and usage. The approach has been updated and is future focused, considering a wider variety of devices and connections than earlier ADII reports.

Key findings:

  • Digital inclusion at the national level is improving.
  • Access scores are increasing at the national level, but these improvements are not evenly shared by all Australians.
  • The number of Australians who are highly excluded has declined but remains substantial.
  • The divide between metropolitan and regional areas has narrowed but remains marked.
  • Digital inclusion increases with education, employment, and income.
  • Australians who speak a language other than English at home are in general more digitally included than others.
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