Reconnecting with a Mana based economy

A short report on the Whai Rawa research programme
Sustainable economics Maori Economics New Zealand
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This report sets the conditions, context and parameters for re-linking with Māori and tribal economies founded upon a unified socio-spiritual-ecology framework.

Sustainable Māori and tribal economies are vital to Aotearoa New Zealand’s resilience and wellbeing. Whai Rawa explored traditional tribal perspectives, regulatory authority and policy tools to embed mātauranga Māori in alternative organisational structures and sustainable, self-determining economic activity.

The term Whai Rawa is used to acknowledge and describe the diverse modes of Māori economies. These are conceptualised as contextually specific networks of regional economies, both rural and urban, with national and international connections. They include independent Māori enterprise, small whānau businesses, units within hapū or iwi structures, tribal incorporations and larger pan-tribal entities, in multiple, often interconnected resource sectors.

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