A key focus of this inquiry was to examine the suitability of existing regional architecture and country-groupings to address key human security issues in the Indo-Pacific region, including health security, the impacts of climate change, human rights and labour rights.

This report consists of five chapters:

  • Chapter 1 contains information on the referral and conduct of the inquiry;
  • Chapter 2 outlines the existing regional architecture and country-groupings in the Indo-Pacific and Australia’s engagement with them;
  • Chapter 3 explores the evidence submitted to the inquiry and the various perspectives provided to the committee on opportunities for advancing Australia’s strategic interest through existing regional architecture. It covers the importance of and challenges for continued engagement in the region as well as the capability and complementarity of existing regional groupings, with a particular focus on the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue;
  • Chapter 4 covers a range of other matters of regional strategic importance that were raised in submissions and evidence, including such issues as human and labour rights, health security, environment and climate change, critical minerals, science and technology, and Northern Territory’s role in the region; and
  • Chapter 5 details the committee's conclusions and recommendations.
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