Supporting english literacy and numeracy learning for Indigenous students in the early years

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The emphasis on monitoring student educational outcomes Australia-wide through state-wide testing has generated a wealth of data which has enabled systems to monitor the extent of educational inequities experienced by Indigenous students.
Despite some improvements over time, national schools statistics point to a continuing gap in the average English literacy and numeracy achievement of Indigenous students when compared with non-Indigenous students at Year 3.
A longitudinal study by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) has been monitoring growth in the English literacy and numeracy achievement of a group of Indigenous students through the early years of primary school prior to Year 3. Qualitative data collected during these years provided an opportunity to explore the learning contexts experienced by the students and other factors associated with growth and achievement. The study was initiated by ACER’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Advisory Committee and funded through ACER’s core research program.

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