Research Summary

This research summary provides an overview of aspects of apprenticeships and traineeships in Australia. More particularly, it provides an overview of some of the more enduring issues, or what could be considered the ‘pain points’ associated with apprenticeships and traineeships. These include issues around congestion, harmonisation, apprenticeship and traineeship completions, incentive payments and other supports to employers and apprentices or trainees, the interface between apprentices/trainees and training providers, and the relevance of the current model of apprenticeship training. Also included is an overview of apprenticeship and traineeship activity over the last 20 years.

The discussion in this paper is limited to post-school apprenticeships and traineeships that involve a contract of training. It largely excludes discussion of school-based apprenticeships or traineeships or those falling outside the contract of training model (for example, higher apprenticeships at university).

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