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Young people who have been involved with Oranga Tamariki Home and Housing

Child support Public housing Youth services New Zealand

This report provides data from the Youth19 Rangatahi Smart Survey about secondary school students who report they have been involved with Oranga Tamariki or Child Youth and Family Services on the topic of ‘Home and Housing’.

Key findings:

  • Approximately 9% of Youth19 participants have ever been involved with Oranga Tamariki and approximately 2% were currently involved with Oranga Tamariki at the time of the survey.
  • Young people who report Oranga Tamariki involvement experienced considerably higher levels of housing and material insecurity than those who have never been involved, with nearly 60% of students involved with Oranga Tamariki reporting some form of housing deprivation in the last 12 months and half reporting that their families worried about finding money to pay for food.
  • Most young people live with at least one parent, although students responding as being ever involved with Oranga Tamariki were twice as likely to live in a household with only one of their parents or live between parents than those never involved with Oranga Tamariki
  • Most young people, including those that reported being ever and currently involved with Oranga Tamariki, feel safe in their home, have parents or caregivers that care for them and report positive family relationships. However, the proportions of young people reporting these positive attributes are often (but not always), lower for those involved with Oranga Tamariki.
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