Briefing paper

The Department of Defence and the Australian Defence Force, collectively known as Defence, have prepared this document as an introductory briefing paper to the Royal Commissioners. 

This paper provides background into the employment arrangements for the Australian Defence Force (ADF), including the composition of the ADF and the unique nature of military service. This context is important to the understanding of the support services available to members through the life cycle of service, including mental health, wellbeing and the transition from military to return to civilian life.

Specifically, the paper includes overviews of the following:

  • The evolution of Defence policy
  • Composition of the ADF
  • Support services throughout a life of service
  • Suicide rates in the ADF, and
  • Mental health and wellbeing.

A series of annexures provide further detail.

The paper seeks to draw together and provide key foundational material based on publicly available information or resources. While the paper includes broader framework and policy information, it is not intended as a submission or position paper.

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