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Department of Veterans' Affairs initial background paper to the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide

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This background paper was prepared by the Department of Veterans' Affairs, and has been published by the Royal Commission for the purpose of informing the public.

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) welcomes the Royal Commission’s Inquiry into Defence and Veteran Suicide. DVA recognises the importance of ensuring that all veterans, especially those who are most vulnerable, and their families, have timely access to appropriate support. With this in mind, the work of the Royal Commission will be critical and DVA is committed to engaging with the Royal Commission in a timely, accurate, comprehensive and transparent manner.

This background paper is provided on a voluntary basis and, unless otherwise identified, is based on publicly available information or information that can be made public. This paper is intended to offer some context for the Royal Commission’s consideration of the issues before it. Some of the history of the system, as well as particular features of the existing system, are outlined to help in considering future reforms. While the paper includes broader framework and policy information, it is not intended as a submission or position paper.

This background paper comprises the following parts:

  • Part One: The Australian Veteran Support System;
  • Part Two: The Department of Veterans' Affairs;
  • Part Three: Health Support and Services; and
  • Part Four: Mental Health Support and Services.
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