A report on a survey of New Zealanders about their national identity

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This report presents the results of a survey about people living in New Zealand and their national identity.
A nationally representative sample of n=1,252 New Zealanders, 18 years of age or more, was interviewed, by telephone, between 9 and 27 August 2011. The sample was weighted to ensure that total sample proportions by age and gender were representative of the New Zealand population as a whole.
Mäori were specifically over-sampled for this survey, so that we could compare the results for Mäori with those of non-Mäori, as well as other people born in New Zealand, naturalised New Zealanders, and immigrants who are not (yet) naturalised.
The maximum sampling error, at the 95% confidence level, for the weighted sample, is ±3.2 percent.
Just over three-quarters of the survey sample (77 percent) said they were born in New Zealand, with the others born overseas in a diverse range of countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, the Pacific, Asia, the Americas, South Africa and various European countries. Forty-four percent of those who were born overseas had become naturalised since their arrival.

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