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Children, young people, and health in Brimbank

Comparisons of key indicators from Brimbank Atlases of Health and Education over time
Child health Educational achievement Youth Melbourne Metropolitan Area

This report shows a significant improvement in young people in Melbourne’s inner west undertaking full-time education. The report looks at the change in health and education outcomes in the Melbourne’s inner western region over the 10 years 2016.

The report finds that Brimbank had seen a large increase in young people earning or learning with 84.1% of youth aged 15 to 24 studying or working up from 72.3% in the 10 years. There has also been a dramatic decline in children with mothers who have low educational attainment. Both are indicators for children having a greater risk of low educational and life opportunities.

Other areas of improvement:

  • Reducing of children in jobless families
  • Increase in young people in full-time education

Areas falling behind:

  • Youth unemployment has risen
  • Gambling machine losses increased
  • Obesity dramatically increased, but in line with the national trend, rising from 18% to above 31% for both men (34%) and women (31.8%)
  • Taylors Lakes had an increase in development vulnerability at the start of school.


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