The Commission was asked to make recommendations to modernise South Australia’s regulatory framework to better support investment, employment and productivity growth. The inquiry considered how to make regulation making and regulator behaviour more efficient, effective and future oriented. It was part of the Modern Regulation project which also included a program of regulatory reviews into specific areas of regulation affecting key economic processes or sectors.

Summary of recommendations

Recommendation 2.1: Developing regulatory proposals for Cabinet

Recommendation 3.1: Performance measurement and reporting

Recommendation 3.2: Statement of expectations

Recommendation 4.1: Enhance SA regulation online resource

Recommendation 4.2: Build evaluation capability

Recommendation 4.3: Across-government ex post evaluation policy

Recommendation 5.1: Business-to-government digital systems enhancement

Recommendation 5.2: Funding across-government RegTech solutions

Recommendation 5.3: Promoting regulatory sandboxing

Recommendation 6.1: Continuous improvement of practice

Recommendation 6.2: Enhanced consistency, coordination and timeliness

Recommendation 6.3: Central leadership and oversight

Recommendation 6.4: Cross-border harmonisation

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