Anglicare Australia rental affordability snapshot: national report April 2022

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Every year, Anglicare Australia surveys rental listings across Australia to see what it is like for people on low incomes to rent a home. They do this by taking a snapshot of the thousands of properties listed for rent on They test whether each rental listing is affordable and suitable for people on low incomes. The snapshot is released every year in April.

In the midst of the 2022 federal election campaign, Anglicare Australia is calling on all parties and candidates to act on housing affordability.

The 2022 snapshot surveyed 45,992 rental listings across Australia and found that:

  • 720 rentals (2%) were affordable for a person earning a full-time minimum wage
  • 312 rentals (1%) were affordable for a person on the Age Pension
  • 51 rentals (0%) were affordable for a person on the Disability Support Pension
  • 7 rentals, (0%) all sharehouses, were affordable for a person on JobSeeker
  • 1 sharehouse (0%) was affordable for a person on Youth Allowance.
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