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This policy briefing outlines how the creative, participatory method of appreciative inquiry can be used to enable policy-makers to work successfully with younger people in the context of policies to expand ‘Decent Work’.

Participation of minority ethnic young people in policy-making related to 'Decent Work' is critical because of the complex distribution of governmental policy working across the fields of education, work and culture. Young people offer rich, first-hand insight into the efficacy of policy which in turn should enable all parts of society to contribute economically and socially. Specifically, the briefing pinpoints the preparation needs of younger people, especially those who typically are disadvantaged in economic, educational or other social terms, to engage in such participatory methods, as well as the adaptations needed to enable them to participate and contribute to policy activities.

This policy briefing draws from a study examining the empowerment of minority ethnic young people (aged 18-25) to re-vision 'Decent Work' in Vietnam with policy-makers, employers and university leaders. This particular brief draws from appreciative inquiry groups which aimed to explore new ways of working, and the strategies the project needed to develop to enable the young people to feel they were able to share their voice and contribute.

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