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Textiles: a transitions report for Australia

Pathways to future-proof the Australian fashion and textile industry
Clothing trade Textiles Sustainable development Circular economy Regulatory standards Australia

Over the past four years, Monash Sustainable Development Institute researchers have undertaken stakeholder engagement and research in the Australian fashion and textiles space. This report is the culmination of the analysis to date. It outlines that Australia has an opportunity to draw lessons from changes that are already underway, and proposes how we can go further.

The authors believe the Australian fashion and textiles sector and its broader stakeholders - particularly all levels of government - can demonstrate ambitious global leadership by building on existing sector developments to shift the entire system of fashion and textile consumption and production to one that is both responsible and sustainable.

This report develops a set of practical and strategic pathways supported by an evidence-informed framework for a sustainable transition of the Australian fashion and textile ecosystem. The transition pathways incorporate elements of a circular economy to increase and regulate textile transparency, traceability and verification and align with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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