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The Monash Climate Change Communication Research Hub (MCCCRH) conducted a survey to better understand Australians’ climate change attitudes and behaviours, and whether these have changed over time. The survey included a range of questions relating to climate change behaviour, extreme weather events, policy, trust and voter perceptions.

This report details the climate change concern and private and civic behaviours of the survey’s 3098 participants. Private behaviours centred around three themes: purchasing, fuel and energy, and waste. Civic behaviours related to engaging with politics, government and environmental groups and events. Demographic data was also collected to understand the relationship of respondents’ age, gender and finances with certain environmental behaviours.

MCCCRH utilises best-practice research methods to investigate the climate change attitudes and behaviours of the Australian public. This knowledge is sought to better inform behaviour change intervention designs that can support the public to collectively work towards positive environmental and climate outcomes.

This report seeks to:

  • Explore trends in the Australian public’s attitudes towards climate change.
  • Understand Australian adults’ stage of adoption of a range of pro-environmental behaviours.
  • Unpack which behaviours Australian’s are not engaging with.
  • Analyse the relationships between age, gender and climate-related behaviours.
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