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The Australia Institute’s annual Climate of the nation report provides a comprehensive account of Australian attitudes towards climate change, its causes and impacts, and the integrity of Australia’s current and proposed climate solutions.

For many Australians, 2023 has been defined by the ongoing cost-of-living crisis. The spiralling costs of consumer goods, along with persistently high petrol and energy prices, have left households struggling to make ends meet.

Nevertheless, even with the overwhelming and understandable distraction caused by inflation and ever-growing interest rates, climate change remains at the forefront of the nation’s consciousness. Over 70% of Australians say that they are concerned about climate change and its impacts, including the potential it has to compound existing cost-of-living pressures.

Key findings:

  • Concern about climate change remains high despite cost-of-living crisis
  • Australians oppose new gas, coal and oil projects and fossil fuel subsidies
  • Most Australians support a windfall profits tax, and a levy on fossil fuel exports
  • Australians think fossil fuel companies should pay for climate impacts
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