Under the terms of the Public Finance (Wellbeing) Amendment Act 2020, Treasury is required to provide an independent report on the state of wellbeing in New Zealand at least every four years.

While there are many ways to interpret wellbeing, The Treasury draws on the Living Standards Framework and He Ara Waiora to provide insight into a range of aspects of life that New Zealanders value. Te Tai Waiora uses these frameworks to provide a high-level overview of wellbeing in Aotearoa New Zealand, how it has changed over decades, and how well we are positioned to sustain our wellbeing over time.

Te Tai Waiora is part of The Treasury's wider work to consider the broader impacts of policy advice in a systematic and evidenced way. Treasury hope that the findings and analysis in Te Tai Waiora will stimulate robust public debates about our shared future and the priorities for improving wellbeing in Aotearoa New Zealand, both inside and outside of the public service.

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