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Research Summary

The compelling case for disability employment in Australia

The unrivalled benefits of an underutilised labour market
Labour force participation Disability employment People with disability Australia

JobAccess is the Australian Government’s disability employment hub. One of its many services is to provide advice and support to employers who want to tap into the wide talent pool of people with disability.

This research update looks at myths and misconceptions about disability employment and examines the benefits of businesses that embrace disability inclusion.

The lack of employer confidence and awareness has contributed to poor labour outcomes for people with disability in Australia, with just over 50 per cent of people with disability of working age in the workforce versus 84 per cent of those without disability. This employment gap of over 30 per cent has remained unchanged since 2003.

According to the National Disability Strategy, most people with disability can and do want to work more to have greater financial independence and social connection.

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