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The strategy will be a whole-of-life plan for autistic Australians of all ages, and not just those eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

The strategy is expected to:

  • Build on the understanding and recognition of autism within key professions and the wider community.
  • Support improved service coordination between all levels of government.
  • Consider ways to make education, employment, community, diagnosis, mental health, health and disability services and supports for Autistic people more inclusive and accessible.
  • Provide better support for families and carers of Autistic people.
  • Establish a national autism research agenda.

Initiatives under the strategy will focus on areas of Australian Government responsibility. Issues raised relating to other governments will be advised to them for consideration.

This paper's purpose is to create a strategy that is informed by autistic Australians and other stakeholders. Listening carefully to the community is an important step to deciding what goes in the Strategy. Public consultation and engagement on this paper is an opportunity to hear what is important to the community.

The paper is intended to provide information about:

  • Why a National Autism Strategy is important and how it will be developed.
  • Other inquiries and consultations on autism.
  • What the Australian Government has heard from the autistic community and other stakeholders already.
  • Some of the key issues and barriers autistic people face.
  • Questions that point to areas where the Australian Government wants to hear further from stakeholders to help inform the development of the Strategy.
  • Areas for potential action.

Contribute ideas before midnight (AEST) Friday 6 October 2023.

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