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Closing the gap through place-based employment: national local government Indigenous employment position paper

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Local Government Managers Australia National (LGMA), as consortium partner of the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government, has developed this National Local Government Indigenous Employment Position Paper (‘the Position Paper’) to encourage and facilitate increased Indigenous workforce participation in local government.   The Position Paper is designed to underpin the Indicative Strategies and Strategic Actions outlined in Section 4 of ACELG’s Future-proofing Local Government: National Workforce Strategy 2012-2020.

The Position Paper is a response to an urgent need to increase the pool of available talent within local government to deal with the considerable workforce challenges that lie ahead for the sector, to improve capacity and to address key recommendations of the National Skills Shortage Strategy for Local Government 2007. A key recommendation of the strategy was the need to grow the regional workforce by developing approaches that bring previously under-employed and under-utilised local populations into the local government workforce i.e. women, Indigenous, culturally and linguistically diverse population groups and those over 50.

The Position Paper provides a suite of key elements and a continuum of actions for local government authorities to consider in developing their approach to increasing the employment of Indigenous people in their workforce

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