Implications of population growth on infrastructure and resources in regional cities

Population Demographics Australia Victoria
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This report presents an assessment of future infrastructure and resource requirements and associated costs for Victoria’s 10 largest regional centres over the period 2011 to 2031.

Key findings:

  • Investing in critical infrastructure to support moderately higher populations in established Regional Cities is likely to provide efficient and sustainable outcomes for regional Victoria and the State.
  • Higher regional population levels can positively contribute to a more efficient population settlement pattern in Victoria, recognising that many regional centres have established and well-functioning economies, with significant capacity to expand further in a sustainable manner.
  • Importantly, many positive social and economic development outcomes are likely to flow from higher population levels in the Regional Cities and to surrounding communities.
  • Supporting further sustainable population expansion in the Regional Cities is consistent with a range of State Government policies, including long-term planning, marketing and budgetary initiatives.
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